Friday, June 27, 2008

To survey or not to survey....

So, I like to mess around on CafeMom quite a bit. In fact, I even have a group on there for stay at home moms. I see these people constantly posting ads for a company called "CashCrate," and I have been wondering what it is all about. They claim they get paid to fill out surveys, and they even post copies of the checks they have received so far. I've been passing these ads for months thinking "scam, scam, scam," but the one that finally got me to click was posted by a lady who claimed she made $300 her first month and $1400 her second month. All just for filling out surveys!! She even had copies of her checks, made out in her name there for all to see. Ok, so she had me sold or at least curious!

So I signed up for the site and began taking surveys. I was stunned! I made about $15 in the first 20 minutes. I started thinking, "Oh yeah! This is great! Easy money!!" But, after the first $15 I noticed that the other surveys I took were staying under the "pending" column. I read through the FAQs, and it said some offers can take up to 2 weeks to be credited to your account. It has only been about a week so far, but I am beginning to get a bit impatient. Currently, I have about $40 "pending" and still only the $15 under the"earned" column.

As I have been patiently waiting, I decided to do a little research on CashCrate. I saw several sites saying BEWARE of CashCrate. The main reason most people labeled it a scam was because some offers are free and some want you to sign up for free trials. If you forget to cancel the trial, you get charged! Also, some offers disguised as surveys want you to give your phone #, then at the bottom in small print they say they are going to charge your phone account so much a month for this service. I caught on and did not fall for these, but I can see how many would and then end up mad.

Most surveys require your home address, phone #, and email. So expect to get spammed and called quite a bit. Still, if they actually paid me over $1000 a month, I could maybe live with these. Just make up a new email and get caller id. But, who knows if I will ever be credited my $40, or will they even pay me my earned $15.

Stay tuned!! I will update soon.

Until then, I would have to advise steering clear of CashCrate.

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Good Luck!

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